The First Mechanical Calculator

The first calculator, with its current working principle and form, was invented by Blaise Pascal when he was 19 years old. At the age of 16 he wrote the book on conics known as Pascal's Theorem. This gifted mathematical genius is the inventor of the calculator that we still use today and that provides us with great convenience. Blaise Pascak was born in 1623. His father was a well-known lawyer who was interested in mathematics, and there were many mathematics people in Pascal's family. Little Pascal's father hired private tutors to learn Latin, Greek and mathematics at a young age and ensured that he received a very good education.

Invention of the Mechanical Calculator

Pascal's father, who was a lawyer, was appointed by the king to collect taxes and his father had difficulty in making tax calculations. Seeing this situation, Blaise Pascal invented the calculator at the age of 19 so that his father could calculate easily. Pascal was a gifted child who was accepted to the Merssenne Academy, where mathematics subjects were discussed, to which his father was also a member. Blaise Pascal, who was interested in Torricelli's mercury barometer, developed many experiments that proved the vacuum. Later, the scientific world named the pressure measurement unit Pascal out of respect for Pascala. Blaise Pascal devoted his life to mathematics and produced many works. He died in 1662 at the age of 39.

Pascal Wins The King's Admiration

This first mechanical calculator, invented by Pascal, was the only calculator used throughout the seventeenth century. The first Sumerians in the world invented the abacus and the ancestor of the calculator. With this invention, Pascal succeeded in taking the calculator to a level that can do much more comprehensive and complex work. Pasval succeeded in making about fifty portable models of the mechanical calculator, which he first found and started to make at the age of 19. He introduced the mechanical calculator he had invented in 1645 to the whole world. This great invention and success of Pascal was also appreciated by the king of France at the time, and he was given the right to develop and produce a calculator by the king. Pascal's hard work caused his health to deteriorate after a while and his doctor recommended that he stop working and rest. Pascal was interested in games of chance while he was listening. Again, he did not stay idle and found a formula that is still used today. His friends playing the game of chance wanted a formula in which they could find out how likely they were to win in a game of chance. Pascal also invented a process for them to calculate this ratio with a formula called Pascal's triangle. see: integral calculator.

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